Donate Us

We were working on education sector since 2000. It was very minimal amount and of-course it was our start. Then later on our work in the same sector further expanded. In fact we knew our lacking as well. With the time, several youngsters join our team. They donate their best in respect of their time, efforts, even their reference also. We are thankful to all those well-wishers and we hope that new blood definitely join us.

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Donate For These Sectors

Now we have realized that there are many other sectors that need the to be viewed and focused. Few months before, one of our team member discuss a new thing with us that if we can able to provide help in one sector then why not we try to pursue other sectors also. During the same discussion, we all come to this point that God has given us the ability and we must use it in donating at least our sincere efforts. That fellow put our attention over a precious thought and we are glad that we have such working donaters in our team.

Therefore we decided to not limit our services with only one sector. Now we are focusing numerous other projects like food, clothing , shelter, marriages, medication, etc. We need the generous help from all respectable human.

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Nothing Is Small

Some people think that their small amount donation will not be valuable. This is an inappropriate thinking. Nothing will be minimal. Whatever you can able to provide is appreciable act. Moreover, from your small act (that you think is a small) you can proof that you are human and feel the paid of others. Don’t worry about what you are contributing in respect of donation.