About Megan

My name is Annie Megan. I have completed my masters from Oxford University in the subject of Arts. My passion is to update myself about from new tech gadgets. I wish I remained in-touch with big technology organizations like Samsung, Apple, MAC, Nokia, Motorola, etc. My dream is that they inform me first about their upcoming inventions and introduce the same in the market later. Ahh! What a dream!

I know this may not be happened.

I use to engage my routine in composing different articles and publish them for general public awareness. I will not like to work for anyone except myself. Therefore, I usually like to either join a company on a short contract or work as a freelance writer. I was writing since my graduation but for it was for my friends, cousins, neighbours, and other family members.

I started my career as a professional writer since end of the 2015. When I wrote an article for a newspaper and it was published as well. Then my Mom praise me and encourage me to script for my own skills development. It was the time when I decided to do something great for my own. This is the beginning of my journey.

My Favourite Topics

Well, I never set a particular vision for writing yet there are some topics, I love to script upon. Marketing, AI, and Skill-Enhancement are among my interests and hobbies.

Marketing teaches an ordinary man to speak, talk, and convince other folks. Through this skill, a man would able to establish an ability of fast thinking before delivering. That’s why, I love it.

However, Artificial Intelligent is about to upgrade your working capabilities, and ease me for my routine task. Moreover, I love to know how efficiently people use AI-based products and get profit of excellent results.

What About My Profession?

As I said that I love to script and produce an informative and attractive composition, I earn and adopt the same as a regular profession. My writing services is available for any type of person, concerning from any industry. I often work for academic companies also for temporary period.