Aware the Basics of SEO & How It Works

Nowadays the business is mostly done through internet regardless the industry is a product based or service based. Advertisement with the help of the newspaper, billboards, pamphlets and TV advertisement is the only method in the previous age. In the recent era, making a website and making your brand popular is highly recommended way along with old methods.

When a brand owner creates a website and wants to make it popular, he must be aware at least about what SEO is and what essential tools are for SEO.


SEO is a short form of “Search Engine Optimization”. Several search engine forums are working currently. Their duty is to get the data of almost every website exists in the world. When a user type phrase in the search field of a specific engine, the engine seeks all the pages matching with the searched phrase and show over the screen of the viewer. You have undoubtedly noticed that the engine shows a specific number of results, i.e. ten websites search result over a page. This is a default setting of optimising engines.

Different Search Engines:

There are many search engines through that people surf the internet and know what they want. Some are popular in certain areas, and some are famous in the whole world. It also depends upon the personal liking and disliking.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most common search forums. They are liable to show pieces of stuff like web pages, videos, images, documents, etc. They won’t charge the website owner for showing their site however they do show the paid websites over top of the results.

Among all Google is the most popular, favourite & result oriented search engine website. Usually, people want to see their website on the first result over this platform.

How Google Rank?

There is 2 type of working you need to perform for optimising your website over Google search forum.

  1. ON-PAGE SEO: All the essential elements of a webpage must correct and appropriate according to its purpose. It includes title and description of a page. Informative, attractive and with the correct language of the content on a page makes it valuable in the eyes of Google. Website developers may add videos, images, graphs and other relative things according to the requirements and necessities. Moreover, modifying the page status with “index” is also compulsory otherwise search engine won’t visit the website. In this case, the site never appears in the search result.
  2. OFF-PAGE SEO: There are lots of things comes under off-page SEO. Link building, guest posting, social media profile setup, forum submission and directory submission are marketing strategies and known as off-page SEO activities. Some of them are free while others are paid tools. Each of them requires a brief explanation of what they are and how to get benefit from them. So we are not detailing them here. If you are interested to know about them, read our article about the different tool of SEO and their benefits.

How Does Google Rank?

Search engine Google check various properties of each page of every website. After reviewing them, the engine will then allow a rank to it and save in her digital system. Never think that the position given for a specific page by Google crawler won’t amend. No, the crawler comes to visit the site frequently and recheck the previous pages that have any change as well as new pages also. The visiting schedule of a crawler is not fixed. It depends upon the algorithm of Google. The algorithm sets the plan of the crawler. It may be daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Sometimes the crawler routine is configured to delay for only an hour. Not amazing. Yes, of course as previously said that the schedule is creating and modifying through the algorithm. It means that the ranking will be changed on how repeatedly the Google agent visits the site.

Now you are aware of the basics of SEO. Keep in your mind a crucial point that recently these crawlers prefer on-page SEO over off-page behaviour. If your working over your page is good you will rank in search engine forum sooner than working through off-page tricks.

Good Luck & Best Wishes to All

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