Common Mistakes Of SEO In Digital Content Generation

We are growing in the digital world where almost every task and responsibility is shifting over AI and machine to overcome common mistakes. Citizen of any region or continent is adopting new technologies according to their surroundings and favorable atmosphere. Even modern societies are availing the benefits of innovations. In fact, they visit different stores and do shopping while staying at home.

In short, the next decade seems to have many things transfer over online. Websites and apps will be future stores, and people love to surf them. In this race, where your website and online store is ranked?

Have you think yet that only creating a virtual utility shop or online clothing store is not sufficient. There are a lot of individuals who have already established a website for selling their concerned items. Despite the fact that the search engine shows only the top ten digital stores on it’s search result page.



Here an entrepreneur may realize the importance of SEO and want to go through it but wait. If you surf the internet, you will only find the basics of SEO. Without committing mistakes, no one can tell you what are the technicalities, that affect your position.

Here we can tell you common mistakes of SEO in digital content creation which can lead you to provide you the fantastic results.

1. Mobile-First Designs

I usually think that why people love to view online stores & purchase the items from there. Then I realize that nowadays, the daily routines of many folks become tough. After returning back from office and work, professional get tired enough and can’t able to spend time in malls. Therefore, they would like to check the desired items while lying on a couch or sitting over the sofa. Android mobile and iPhones are common to purchase groceries, clothing, skincare, furniture, gift, and other essential goods.

Generally, websites are made according to computer screens and laptops resolutions. While users are shifting their intention to the smartphone, you need to take care of such visitors also. Even Google has launched a feature named “Mobile-First Design” respecting the upcoming preference of web users. If your design is not portable on smartphones or tablets, then undoubtedly, your website’s SEO will get affected.

2. Meta Tags

Meta tags are important elements of any webpage. Some tags were outdated, and no one is using them; however, some still exist. Keyword meta tags were outdated for Google, but some other search engines are still considering it.

Meta title & meta description are commonly essential for every search portal. Addition to that, ensure that these tag contain all the requirements. For example:

Meta-Title Tag:

  • It must be between 45 to 55 characters long, including white spaces.
  • Should be an extract & explain the stuff of a particular page.
  • Would be appealing & attractive for the reader.
  • It may like a common phrase or heading instead of a sentence.
  • Must cover the most crucial keyword of a specific page to cover SEO of digital content.

Meta-Description Tag:

    • The length will be 140 to 155 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
    • Must enhance the idea of digital content that a user may going to view on the same web page.
    • The description should be attractive & eye-catching.
    • You need to ensure the correct sentence structure. Also take care of fluency, grammar, and punctuation in it.
    • The most important keyword of the particular page should be covered within the first ten words. If possible, add the second and third essential keywords as well without hurting the quality.

If you make sure about above-mentioned points, you will observe a significant change in ranking position and performance. In fact, you will love yourself on such hardworking.

3. Add Content

Beginners like to add images of their product. The basic concept is to show the looks to the viewer and let them understand what they are buying from a respective store. Although, this is your sincerity towards the business, but the search engine is not like a human. It is a bot, or you can say a machine that reads the stuff. Such engines are designed to go through the write-up and find the keywords to identify the purpose and business of a website.

Therefore, it is vital to provide text as much as you think is sufficient for your web page. For instance, you are selling clothing you need to supply at least 300 to 400 words script on each product page in order to visible in search machine’s vision.

4. Keywords

Every content must be read by the computer. Gone were the days when search engine checks the keyword tags to identify the niche and category of the specific page. Nowadays, AI impacts various task and shows a positive outcome. The keyphrase recognition is one of them. So include your targeted words in your article.

1 wordy, 2 wordy, and 3 wordy keywords are in practice of SEO consultant. But you don’t leave long-tail keywords for taking advantage of ranking. In the recent era, logically, people try a phrase that contains numerous words to precise their digital search. Checking the usage of competitor’s keywords also help you in optimization.

5. Stuffing of Keywords

Sometimes, people try to include phrases repetitively in a piece of composition that only reflects the keyword, keyword, and keyword instead of any information. Although key phrases are an important factor, still its priority comes after visitor.

Moreover, if search engine’s crawler detects too many phrases, it could be penalized your specific web page and sometimes the whole website. So, avoid keyword stuffing while planning the SEO in digital content.

6. Reader is Important

While producing any content, make sure your first and for most priority is your reader. If he/she does not like the black and white piece, do you think he/she can stay over your page?


Hence, always script for the benefit of the visitor. Include the advantages of your product inside your write-up. Show why the users make a purchase from your site, and what services do you offer them. Even they must know what are the common mistakes consumer do while shopping, the possible consequences and benefits they may get if cancel the order or return the purchased goods. If possible, ask your happy client to post good comments and a 5-star rating. These testimonials and ratings help others to judge about your facilities.

7. Duplication

Search engines hate duplicate material. If you copied the sentences and paragraphs from another website, never post as it is. Amend as much as you can. There are numerous software in the market that can spin the written material within few seconds and provide you a fresh copy. Some apps give you a suggestion for every appropriate change. You need to select the most likely option and set a unique piece.

Moreover, once you finalized the piece, check from plagiarism software to ensure that there is nothing remains copied in your preferred content. Download free software or check online to avoid plagiarism and digital penalty.

8. Links

Those folks who knew SEO, regardless of basic, intermediate or expert level assuredly aware about links. There are two types of link, i.e., internal and external. Several individuals put links in their content but never care for the quality. While selecting any link, you must have to check:

      • The website where your link is pointing must be authoritative.
      • The writing piece should be informative.
      • That information would be helpful for your viewers.
      • Selection of phrase must be matching to the blog you are linking.
      • Avoid using phrases like “click here”, “read more”, etc.

Addition to above, try to link the pages of own blog. Make sure to take care of the relevancy of the pages. It is a bad habit and seems “Black Hat SEO” that a post would be linked forcefully. This act will affect the worth of the written piece in both Google’s and reader’s eye. May be search engine apply any penalty due to unnatural linking.

Analytical Vision of Digital Content

All mentioned above points are essential for a great digital content generation. How much one will focus on avoiding the mistakes, the article would become the best composition. Moreover, it is also vital to investigate the performance of the write-up. Check an analytical view of your blog. This will assist you to know the audiences, regions, and top visiting pages. Despite how much you analyze the blog in-depth, the more performance you can able to view.

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