Pros and Cons of Videos Over YouTube

VVideo sharing trend is usual now a day. People also send a voice message to each other. It is to shorten the time consumption and lower the exercise of fingers. Through this way, the recipient may know the mood & gesture of the sender hence understand the message in a much better process. The best platform for sharing the videos for more than one viewer is YouTube. YouTube is an online huge display centre where anyone can upload videos & view as well. Moreover, it is absolutely free of cost. It is based in America.

This forum was created by three people, i.e. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. They were previously working with PayPal. Later on, Google bought YouTube at the end of 2006. After that, there were numerous developments and updates happened in YouTube services. The new updates & upcoming trends help folks from a different background to use it for a different purpose. The videos uploaded over here are related to

  • Education
  • Gossips
  • Politics
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • TV Shows
  • Personal Development
  • Music
  • Blogging
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Documentary
  • Video Clips
  • Tailors
  • Live Streaming
  • Etc

There is a lot of stuff added & viewed every minute. According to a report, there were more than 400 hours of material uploaded in each minute. Wait! According to the same story published in 2017 approximately 1 billion hours videos has been watched daily. Due to the high rate of visitors and traffic it is now ranked first over Google & also appears in a list of first 100 sites over Alexa.

Benefits You Can Earn From YouTube Videos

There are several perks while using this video forum. Majorly it depends totally on the user who views the recorded clips. The advantages may vary person to person.

1. Free Video Hosting Platform

At YouTube, anyone can upload the desired material without paying any fee. It is free of cost service. An account must be obligatory. Just fill up the empty field and register yourself. Once an account has been registered, the account owner then able to upload as many videos as he wants. There is the flexibility of hosting the stuff regarding time as well. Whenever in day or night and whatever you wish to provide for outside the whole world, you can sync there.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

With the help of millions and billions of users, any business can grow and show her brand to as many people as never thought before. Just the business ambassador has the skills to create such an exciting video that people see and love the presentation/concept. Users share the YouTube video link in their friends and family circle. The outcome fully depends upon the attraction given through clip.

3. Drive Social Share Via YouTube Video

When a society likes your hosted content, they share with others as well. It is a human phenomenon. It will be either anyway, i.e. sharing the links, embedded the video over their website or social platforms, downloading mp4 formats and show in respective circles. Through this way, the brand or products advertised socially via socialising people. A famous saying many of us heard in our school age “A human is a social animal”.

4. Visual Library – Easy to Reach

Anyone can find any video from YouTube sharing server. In the old age, if an individual want to see the movie again, he /she need to search it in the film cassette selling the shop. But now it becomes effortless for all of us to reach any video without going to any shop. Regardless of how old that movie was.

5. No Restriction to Speak

Among so many advantages, there is an excellent dominance of this platform as well. Anyone can make a video and transfer over this large server. The pleasure of this service is that anyone who has a fear of public-facing can also develop good stuff video for the public without facing any audience. Moreover, there is no restriction on speech independence.

6. Money Saving Idea for Marketing

There is no fee or charges for making a video. Not only for uploading a video is free, marketing with the help of visual clips and advertising for right audience is also free of cost for companies and brand marketers. It is a great money saving ideas.

7. Time Saving Idea for Researchers

Many people are engaged in procuring an education. While going through this process, they need to research and complete thesis or assignment. YouTube plays a marvellous role for such educationist. Such learner seeks video over this visual platform and observes several theories, lectures, previous thesis outcomes, etc. Many students like it just because they get ready-made ideas or stuff which requires to modified little more and submit in university.

8. DIY Nature People can Get Benefits

Human being possesses the nature of observance then experience and then learns. We all learn numerous things through this process. This element becomes weaker in some guys with the growing age and stronger in other. Those people who grow stronger and have DIY nature can quickly get into any upcoming challenge. Recently many people with this nature solve their problems with the help of video uploaded over YouTube.

Disadvantages of YouTube Video

While there are profit and advantage in anything, there may also some demerits hidden in it. Corrupt people can able to find out the wrong side & inappropriate use. Similarly reliability on technology cause of unsocial society however it was not supposed to be.

1. Lose Control of Your Brand

YouTube is very famous in all over the world. People love to consume their spare time surfing over here. Therefore many corporate create visual clips for advertisement, information, education or awareness purpose and upload there. The fundamental goal is to show the desired material to numerous citizens and create a likeness in their inside. But once your clip finish then this forum will show other related videos snapshot. As a result, the user also checks other brands and either decide to leave yours or the likeness will become low.

2. No Control Over Bad Reviews/Comments

It means that you don’t have right, nor restrict the bad comments and abused phrases in the comment section. If you uploaded something here, assume yourself that some people can point out the bad aspect that you never thought while making the clip. Be preparing for them. You don’t have any control over negative reviews.

3. Lost Traffic for Own Site

You wish to engage the user with high visual content. The purpose may be to redirect the audience towards your page. But it will seem difficult because people see the video, hit thumbs up button and give good comments and at last leave the page. Approximately 5% of viewers will be redirected and become the visitor of your website, and rest were not.

4. No Restriction of Audience

There is no restriction of the audience. For example, if you upload an education or informational visual clip for an adult there is no age restriction tag while uploading for small kids. Similarly, if the content is ideal for a woman, man can also view it. Naturally, there is no restriction of viewers at all. Anyone either appropriate or inappropriate user can see that.

5. YouTube Video Containing Violence Also

Many visual videos contained violence; the violence of any type. It includes violence with a man, with a woman, with servants, with animals, destruction of races, religion & so on. Whatever you can think were already be there. It means that YouTube won’t be able to control such stuff and can’t restrict the uploading.

6. Time Wasting Tool

It is such a time-wasting forum where a guy cannot control him/her self by clicking an unrelated video. Once the desired video ends up, this automatic suggesting query shows some more related videos snapshot. Usually, people hit the link for seeking information at first few clips afterwards it will become time wasting because they forget the actual purpose of using YouTube and views such visual clips that is not related to the concern.

7. Dig the Whole Server to Find Specific One

If you have seen any interesting and informational material and didn’t remember the title of the video, it is your luck to find it among billions of data. Usually, it will be puzzling to dig the whole YouTube server to find something specific. Many times people tired and wasted hours but didn’t get the result because there is so much visual content uploaded every minute over YouTube’s server. Moreover, there may be several copies of the same stuff due to different lover upload the same keeping respective audience in their mind.

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