Is Reliability on Technology Cause of Unsocial Society

We all know very well that excessive use of technology has negative effects on our social behaviour. Some people will try to negate this by saying that they are very social and friendly but only on the internet. Let’s face it being friendly on the internet does not guarantee that the same person will react similarly when confronted with the same situation in real life. Not only is technology having a negative impact on our social lives but it is also making humans physically weaker. There are many new diseases which can be ascribed to the use of technology. But before we look at the physical effects of technology, let us have a more in-depth analysis of the subject.

Children Exposed to Technology at a Young Age:

A few decades ago the best way for children to have fun was to go and play with their friends outside the house. They could have been the neighbour’s children, school friends or relatives but they all played together. They would physically play together in their backyard or the park down the corner of the street or a vacant parking lot. Now younger children have become so mollycoddled that their parents don’t allow them outside the house. The excessive use of technology has also perverted adult minds. It is not uncommon to hear of how an adult physically abused a child when in solitude with the child.

In the days of yesteryears, moms would try to amuse their child or play with them when the baby started crying for no reason at all. Now there are specific channels which cater to the needs of babies like Baby TV and even Baby First TV. The time when the child should be developing motor, sensory and physical skills that time the child spends most of that time looking at a screen. This produces sedentary or obese teenagers. Instead of participating in sports like volleyball, basketball, football, sprints and marathons children are playing.

Children in the presence of modern technology for more than 100 minutes a day tend to display a number of symptoms. The first and possibly the most apparent is a change in their personality. No longer are they ready to face life’s challenges with head on confidence. Now they are easily agitated and very fussy about everything. The technology is killing children’s, “I can do it by myself…!” attitude. This can lead to a negative impact on their studies, studying only the subjects which they like instead of focusing on the entire syllabus. Extended exposure to technology can also cause unhealthy relationships with other members of the family. Not listening to other family members and not cooperating with siblings will become the norm.

The Solution to Excessive Technology Usage:

There are several factors which we need to take into consideration when trying to minimise children’s time spent with electronics. The most important thing is that children need to have a daily schedule. The schedule needs to include what time they wake up and their regular bedtime. As children grow, they need to learn responsibility for their actions. One of the best ways of teaching responsibility is to assign them daily chores. It can be something simple for younger children, and as they grow older, their duties will also develop into more important activities.

The daily schedule for children above the age of 6 needs to include at least an hour of physical activity each day for children. Physical activity is the best learning tool for children. Find out if your child likes to ride a bike, rollerblade, dance or have a passion for acrobatics and martial arts. It is not necessary that the full hour of physical activity takes place in a single session. The 60-minute session can be divided into 2 or even three different exercises. Try to introduce the child to as many kinds of activities to maintain their interest and give them a diverse skill set. It will boost their confidence.

Interaction with electronics increases stress levels and anxiety even for adults. Limit time spent on social media to a bare minimum. On weekends and vacations try to organise family outings which are not entirely dependent on technology. This will ensure that the entire family has a good time together maintaining healthy relationships and good physical health.

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